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Image Color/Data Processor Exploration


I did a fun little test on how to process an image and grab some basic color data from it. Specifically, light/dark, average color, and some type of a color palette. With this information we can do some automated front end work.

For example, when we put text on top of images, we can determine how light or dark it is to put the correct gradient behind it or set the correct text color.

The color palettes could be used for searching an art collection by color or even in providing some color information to assist in lazy loading images.

This work was all independent of a CMS but I did this in PHP since I work primarily in PHP. This could be easily added to Drupal or Wordpress or adapted to another CMS.

Color exploration - Davis
Color exploration - Remmington
Color exploration - Smiling Dog
Color exploration - Trujillo
Color exploration - Okeeffe
Color exploration - Sample Dog image
Color exploration - longwood gardens
Color exploration - gilpin

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