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Tools & Skills

  • Expert in Drupal (BE & FE)
  • LAMP stack
  • Jamstack
  • Unity
  • Data Structures
  • Prototyping
  • Code Testing
  • Project Development Plans
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Data Integrations and Management
  • CI/CD workflows
  • QA and development workflows
  • API design and development

Work Experience


Senior Systems Engineer - Oct 2021 - Present

Technical lead - Oct 2019 - Oct 2021

Senior Developer - Jan 2016 - Oct 2019

  • Evaluating and advocating for the best technical approach while maintaining the creative vision for a project from concept through delivery
  • Balancing internal and external agency goals for the best product
  • Promoting processes that keep projects moving smoothly
  • Understanding and extracting multiple perspectives on projects and mediating issues across teams and disciplines
  • Estimating and reviewing complexity and time required for projects
  • Balancing creative project aspirations and complexity with existing budgets and scopes
  • Mentoring and coaching teammates
  • Developing internal tools to support agency teams

Consulting Experience

Freelance Developer

Developer - 2006 - present

  • Various dynamic, database driven websites developed incorporating various web technologies
  • Used exisitng CMS (Mainly Drupal or Wordpress) or developed custom systems
  • Primary focus on Drupal and custom module and theme development
  • 3D modeling and animation


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
Blacksburg, Virginia

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art   
    Concentration: Graphic Design   
    May 2008
  • Bachelor of Science: Mathematics   
    May 2005